Number 2 - Fall 2021

Alexandre Astier

Alexandre Astier, king of hearts

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Curious about Lyon

What does living ‘à la lyonnaise’ mean?

This must be the tenth time we’ve rewritten this editorial to try to give an answer... In vain.
The fact is, we could write page upon page about all the little things that come together to make our art of living in Lyon, but it would never be enough.
You have to be here. You have to explore the city’s streets, try things, open doors, meet people and just generally be curious. 

How could we tell the whole story in just a few sentences when we needed a whole magazine, the one you are now holding, to capture some of the charm and flavours of our city?
By the way, we have decided to invite you, our readers, to submit proposals for the editorial next time.

 À la lyonnaise could have been a book of local recipes, a guide to the city’s latest essential addresses, or even a manual for future gones (as the people of Lyon like to call themselves). However, we like to think of it as a friend who always knows where to go and what to do, whatever the season, whether you’re looking for a restaurant, a gift, an exhibition or a spot of nature…

We will talk about food, shopping, culture, days out, new addresses and undeservedly neglected places in Lyon and the surrounding area.
And, because it has such a rich and fascinating past, we will be looking back at Lyon’s history.

You’ll also be meeting local figures, some famous, such as Woodkid, who graces the cover of this first edition, and others not quite so well-known...
Because it is them, us and you – particularly you – who create the magic of living together ‘à la lyonnaise’, all year round. Beginning with this summer, a somewhat special one, when we will be reunited with the city.

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Eating and drinking À la lyonnaise

Marché de la Mode Vintage

Special feature


Shops and lifestyle À la lyonnaise

Salon de coiffure-boutique La Belle Boucle
Charles et Marie de Ceercle
Boutique Cigoire
Camp de Base Huttopia


Culture & Heritage À la lyonnaise

Natasha Vayre
Philippe Levy
Sarah Mangeret
La cathédrale Saint-Jean © Jacques Léone

Among the few French people to be included on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame,  the Lumière brothers, drawn here  with a ball-point pen and coffee, by the artist  Olivier Fischer, are known as  the founding fathers  of cinema. One of Lyon’s districts (the 8th) was named after them,  as well as an institute and an international festival (9 to 17 October) dedicated to putting the spotlight on cinema history.



Out and about

Leisures & outings À la lyonnaise

Out and about
Marilou Périno
Out and about
Mama Shleter - le restaurant
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