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Peinture Fraîche Festival

Virginie Billy
By Virginie
Published on 22/08/2023

Graffiti culture

Before a full renovation of the site, the former Fagor factory will be welcoming the 5th edition of the Peinture Fraîche Festival for the last time.
The programme looks back at the origins of street art, paying tribute to graffiti culture. All of the various movements will be covered, from graffiti writing to abstract graffiti, ignorant art and lettering. More immersive than ever, the experience also offers ways to understand the works of artists such as Kade Scharzmaler, INSA and Mist. It is also an augmented experience for visitors, who will have a chance to explore the largest graffiti park in Europe, with 7000 m² of walls entirely devoted to the art. A fantastic way to make graffiti art accessible!

Du 11 octobre au 5 novembre 2023
Peinture Fraîche Festival