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Biennale de la danse

By Doriane
Published on 15/09/2023

3 questions for Tiago Guedes, director of the Maison de la Danse, as well as co-director and artistic director of the Dance Biennale.

This is your first Dance Biennale in the role of director. What image did you have of it before coming and what can we expect under your “presidency”? 

I already had a very clear idea of what the Biennale is, as I came to each edition. For me, dance is a marker of identity for Lyon. When I arrived, Dominique Hervieu, my predecessor, had set in motion many projects that required planning. We therefore went over the basics of these projects and added our touch. We want this Dance Biennale to be a point of entry to culture for all. It will include all the diversity of contemporary dance, with large spaces, particularly public spaces. The idea is to reach out to people. We also support the principle of gender equality at the biennale, which is something new compared with previous years.  

“Dance should be as intergenerational as possible”

The programme includes several “nocturnal immersions” with hip hop and voguing influences. Is the idea to attract a young audience?

I would say that dance should be as intergenerational as possible. Culture must play a fundamental role, particularly for young people. The idea is to create a framework for meetings and discoveries. Dance defines our paths and I know what I’m talking about (laughs). We want to make culture less institutional and open doors up to all audiences, of all ages.

What are your personal favourites this year?

That’s a difficult question… but I would mention three: symbolically, Marco Da Silva Ferreira, who danced for me several years ago and is offering an inclusive performance. I would also mention the artist Lia Rodrigues, as well as Catherine Gaudet, an artist from Quebec, who is presenting a performance where the dancers dance until exhaustion. It evokes many things; it speaks of humanity and our need to see objectives through to completion. 

Biennale de la danse de Lyon, du 9 au 30 septembre.