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Jim La Souille, creator of the photography project ‘Rue d’Algérie’

Published on 24/08/2023

In 2020, in the middle of a lockdown, the Lyon-based photographer Jim Lasouille started a photography project entitled ‘Rue d’Algérie’ (the name of a street in Lyon) on Instagram. It was formed of black-and-white portraits of people who call Lyon home, all taken in front of a single wall on the bottom of the slopes of Croix-Rousse hill.


“Nine out of ten people who I photograph are uncomfortable in front of the camera and, because I’m like that too, I think that I manage to convince them! Each time, they do the ‘69’ sign with their hands. They come as much for the portrait as they do for the sign. It’s a way of showing their love for Lyon. As long as there are people who want to be photographed, I’ll continue the project. Latest news: a photo collage project in the Presqu’île district, which is accessible to all, with JR’s project ‘Inside Out’.”

Social networks

“The project exists only on the networks, on Instagram. It’s almost an obstacle, because I like intergenerational projects, but it’s the simplest way to spread the word. I also try to put up posters in the street and in exhibitions. It’s a street project, so it needs to have an existence in the street. In 2022, for one exhibition, I put up 300 portraits at Les Subs.”

Most liked photo

“With Instagram, you can mask likes and I love that feature, because it takes the pressure off the people photographed and puts everybody on the same level.”

Last text

“Sarah from the Mob Hôtel asking me what the feedback has been like from the current exhibition, of black-and-white photographs taken on the streets of New York, which are on display in the hotel. Answer: very good (laughs)!”


“A photograph taken in Tanzania, where I was in 2022 with the collective Street Off and the dancer Lilou. I’m actually going away with them again (Editor’s note: this interview was done in July), to Uganda, Burundi and Kenya, to seek out dancers and talents.”


“I’m listening to a lot of hip hop at the moment. I’m really into Little Simz, a female rapper from the UK, who I listen to on Spotify!”