La Rosée : the cream of sun cream

By Marie
Published on 04/06/2024

A huge hit all over france last summer, the SPF 50 sunscreen stick by the Lyon-based brand La Rosée is back on the shelves. UV rays don’t stand a chance.

The story of La Rosée began on the campus of Lyon’s pharmacy faculty, where Mahault de Guibert and Coline Bertrand met. “From behind the counter, we realised there was a lack
of simple products that care for people’s skin and the planet in pharmacies,”
explained Mahault de Guibert. This observation led to the creation of La Rosée in 2015. The cosmetics brand set out to be as fresh and transparent as morning dew (‘rosée’ is French for ‘dew’). Over the years, the brand’s initial offering of five products was expanded with new additions, including a sun care range that rapidly established itself as the third best-seller in its segment in pharmacies. 

New-generation filters with natural ingredients

“In the beginning, though, we didn’t want to offer sun care products because we couldn’t find a filter that satisfied us.” It is not easy to formulate a sunscreen that is effective and cares for both skin and the oceans. Traditional chemical filters are known to be endocrine disrupters; and some cause coral bleaching. As for mineral filters, they are considered to be nanoparticles and can also harm corals. “Following several years of research, we succeeded in developing a range using organic filters. They are effective synthetic filters with a limited impact on the environment.” La Rosée combines these new-generation filters with natural ingredients. The main ingredient in the sun care range is apricot stone oil, which nourishes and illuminates the skin. La Rosée has also entered into a partnership with The Coral Planters to help preserve the oceans.

Good news for those already familiar with the brand: the summer range with a vanilla-coconut fragrance is being expanded this year with a sunscreen milk for babies. It will also see the return of their absolute best-seller, the SPF 50 sunscreen stick, with a new formula suitable for all, including children aged under 3. After selling out several times, the produc dominated sales of sunscreen sticks in pharmacies last summer. It’s easy to see why: “it comes in a super practical format; you can slip it in your bag and take it out whenever you need it, whether you’re at a cafe terrace or a beach.”

We can’t wait for lunches out in the sun!

La Rosée
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