Out and about My week-end à la lyonnaise

A summer at Foch

Published on 30/05/2024

In Lyon's 6th district, between Brotteaux and the banks of the Rhône, enjoy the holiday vibe in the neighbourhood of Foch, full of mediterranean surprises.

9 am - A taste of the south

In Lyon, food comes first. Start the day at Alma, where Chef Marvin Brandao prepares his XXL pistachio cookies, which are ideal to share. We also love their famous citrus tart, named ‘Sicile’, as well as the orange blossom cakes. Alternatively, you could try Caroline Hubert’s patisserie, where you can fill up on sun-drenched crunchy almond biscuits before setting off to explore or shop.

17 rue Bugeaud
4 rue Pierre-Corneille

11 am - Hellenic style

You might not expect to find Doric columns and a triangular pediment in Lyon. We’re not talking about a hidden Greek temple; far from it. 
Built in 1843 by Lyonnais architect Christophe Crepet, the neoclassical church of Saint-Pothin is the oldest church in the district. Rather than giant statues of Zeus, inside you’ll find frescoes by the painter Étienne Couvert and a stainedglass window by Louis Bégule. In front of the church is a little square with a children’s play area that is very popular with the neighbourhood’s families.

Entrance from rue de Créqui
Open from 7.30am to 7.45pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 7.45pm at weekends. 

12 am - Italian lunch

For lunch, stay in the Roman Holiday mood at Nano Trattoria, where you’ll find authentic pizzas made with fresh ingredients, including tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and olive oil imported directly from Italy. If you fancy a pasta dish, make your way to Magnagati and try their sedanini alla bolognese or bigoli alla carbonara rivisitata.

78 rue Vendôme
34 rue Pierre-Corneille

3 pm - Salt water relaxation

There are no beaches nearby, but you can enjoy some postlunch relaxation with float therapy at Graviti. Lie back in water saturated with Epsom salt – “five times more salty than the Dead Sea” – to experience a feeling of weightlessness. The idea is that “your brain no longer makes a distinction between the water, the air and your body”. A meditative experience that will prepare you for a bit of shopping afterwards on the avenue.

31 rue Ney
From €49

5 pm - Anyone for French boules ?

For an experience that will transport you to the south of France, make your way to Place Maréchal Lyautey, a square with large boules pitches, many shaded benches, plane trees, a beautiful fountain and a flower kiosk, to listen to the gentle calls of the cicadas and the cries of the boules players. You can even play a few games before having a break for some pleasant Pastis or a refreshing rosé at Café Dupont.

11 Place Maréchal-Lyautey

7 pm - Gourmet sunset

Fancy some charcuterie or cheese? Or both? Grab a box of artisanal ripened cheeses from La 
Fromagerie du Château
: burrata from Puglia; feta from the island of Lemnos; and brocciu from Corsica. Next, stop at Bouchon Sully, just around the corner, to pick up a take-away aperitif platter, including charcuterie from Sibilia and pâté in a pastry crust. Finally, head for the river banks, to savour your gourmet spoils in the golden rays of the setting sun.

20 rue Sully
3 rue de Sèze