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Don Mateo, painter

By Florence
Published on 04/06/2024

A ubiquitous presence in Lyon's streets in the 2015, Don Mateo decided to distance himself from the city after the pandemic. He now reserves part of his collages and paper-cuts for other mediums.


In his studio in Val de Saône, Don Matéo expresses himself through painting and papercutting on canvas. These techniques offer him “far greater gestural freedom.” Outside the studio, he continues to paint murals to fulfil orders or for festivals, "without ever knowing in advance where my work will take me."


"I listen to quite a lot of podcasts about plastic artists I like. Right now, punk, Les Wampas, Noir Desir, Catherine
Ringer and Brigitte Fontaine, and Hip Hop most of all!"


"I have two: a painting by Matisse, Nude in a Forest; and a print by Hokusai, Umezawa Hamlet-fields in Sagami Province. With Matisse, when I was looking for answers to questions I had about art; he always held the answers for me." With Hokusai, he was moved by the poetry and simplicity: "Just a glance at this print is enough to transport me."

Photo with the most likes

"On challenge_homeart, an Instagram account created during lockdown with the artist Oakoak, we would suggest a topic and everyone could send in their creations. My photo of a paper-cut depicting men filling a coffee-maker using shovels was a big hit for the theme of coffee."

Last text message

"Yours, telling me that you’d arrived at the station (Editor’s note: our writer had trouble with transport on her way to the artist’s studio). Just before that one, the gallery Wawi (104 Boulevard des Belges, Lyon 69006), asking me the dimensions of some works in progress that I’m planning to exhibit there."

Social Network

"I left X, and I’m posting less and less often on Facebook and Instagram. I’d like to be able to do without social networks; I feel like they trap artists. They’re
supposed to follow one direction and stick to it, which really calls into question artistic freedom. I’ve broken free from this now…"