The kids keep on rolling!

Published on 31/08/2023

Once you’ve spotted one, you’ll find them all over the city. Parked in front of nurseries, schools and playgrounds, Globber scooters are a big hit with toddlers. These vehicles that evolve as their little owners grow were created in Montluel, just outside of Lyon.

For a long time dominated by skateboards and rollerblades, small-wheeled transport in cities has been revolutionized by the rise of non-motorized mobility. Scooters tick all the boxes and are taking over the pavements, proving to be particularly popular with families looking for a practical option. This is confirmed by Pascal Chaillou, CEO of Globber France, as he talks to us in his brand showroom located in the Ain: “Our ambition has been to bring the technical expertise of wheeled transport into the world of toys.

With the help of the Lyon-based firm Design Office, the first Globber scooter saw the light of day in 2014. Back then, the products were distributed only in France and Australia, where small-wheeled transport is the king of the urban jungle. Today, the brand is leading the children’s scooter sector in France, selling one Globber every three minutes and distributing them in 85 countries! 

Innovating to last

Right from the outset, the aim for Globber was to make mobility and rolling smoother for little ones. They have achieved this through a particularly innovative development process. With 43 patents filed since 2014, its products boast formidable efficiency. Topping the list of the many technical feats must be the ability to switch modes with no tools required! You don’t need to be MacGyver to transform the vehicle into a balance bike and then a scooter. Then there is the wheel locking system, the ball bearing design on all models, and the rubber wheels that absorb impacts (and falls), among other features. The brand has also been innovating in the area of sustainability, by working to make their products robust enough to stand the test of time. For instance, there is the transformable scooter Go Up, the brand’s leading product, which can be used from 15 months up to 6 years old (or 50 kg)! Because they are often subjected to rough treatment by their little owners, the vehicles sometimes need repairs or refurbishments. So, in 2022, Globber opened a warehouse stocking more than 500 spare part articles. Is one of the wheels not turning as well, or is there a problem with the braking system? The scooter clinic will send you the spare part needed directly to your home in no more than 48 hours. Then you’re ready to start rolling again! 

In March 2023, the brand launched the transformable three-wheeled scooter GO.UP Foldable Plus Eco, made 100% with recycled plastic and bio-sourced wheat-straw. This innovation earned it a Grand Prix du Jouet award in June.

What’s new in the autumn?

The collection is expanding with a range of e-scooters for children, limited to 6 kmph, and a new version, with even better handling, of the Go Up Baby 360 scooter.