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Les produits solides sont tendances : où trouver son bonheur à Lyon ?

By Marie
Published on 21/02/2024

More ecological and very handy, solid products are on the rise. This is our guide to cosmetic, hygiene and grocery products with no water, no preservatives avec no plastic packaging.

 Les avantages des produits cosmétiques solides

Stick deodorants, shampoo bars, multi-use cleaning cubes and even drink tablets... In recent years, products that we were used to seeing in bottles or cans have been taking new forms. And this is good news for the planet! Firstly, because solid products contain no water. Christelle de Châlus, co-founder of the Lyon-based cosmetics brand Ensème explains: “A liquid shampoo is 80 to 90% water in plastic packaging with preservatives. For our first range of shampoos and conditioners, solid was the way to go if we wanted to offer the “cleanest” possible products.” Solid products also do away with the need for preservatives, because germs and bacteria can only grow in the presence of water! Another advantage of opting for solid is that there is much less need for plastic packaging. With a solid product, consumers pay for the content rather than the container. What’s more, compact, solid products last longer than their liquid equivalents. Sloé, a Lyon-based brand that makes solid cosmetics specially designed for the outdoors is well aware of this fact. When Bertrand Chaix decided to develop environmentally-friendly products for nomadic living, following a van trip to Iceland, solid emerged as the clear choice. The newest arrival at Sloé – Néo – is a five in-one solid that’s perfect for those who want to travel light. Drawing on the wisdom of our grandmothers, it offers versatility that’s a joy for minimalists. Rediscover the powers of Marseille soap, which can be used for a vast array of household chores. It cleans all surfaces, from kitchens to the bathroom, removes stains from grubby clothes and can even be used in a washing machine. Christelle de Châlus emphasises, however, that: “Solid products are an alternative approach to consumption and not everybody is willing to change format. There are so many benefits though!”

Les marques à ne pas manquer autour de Lyon

Solide fait main

How about trying to make your own solid household and cosmetic products? There are now a number of workshops where you can have a go! They offer a chance to adapt your solid shampoo formula to your individual needs and create soap bars that match your bathroom’s colour scheme.

€45 to 65

Stick rechargeable

With Maroot’in, May Phromsrithong and Clémence Guichard have come up with a minimalist and solid facial routine in a rechargeable stick. The cleanser-make-up remover (winner of an award at Les Victoires de la Beauté) is the first step. Apply the stick around the contour of your face. Next, lather with a bit of water and rinse. Simple, effective and made on the doorstep of Lyon.

Cleanser-make-up remover, €15

Au bain !

It’s never too early to get into good habits when it comes to cosmetics! The cleansing care bar created by Umaï is perfect for babies and little ones. It smells heavenly and gently cleans the most delicate skin and hair with its creamy lather. As if that wasn’t enough, it comes in an incredibly cute fox-head shape.

Gaspard gentle cleansing care, €19

Fraîcheur solide

Good news: the new deodorant for sensitive skins by Les Petits Solides is even softer, with its sodium bicarbonate-free formula and a subtle lavender fragrance. Founded by Laurie Arcier, Les Petits Solides has offered a range of solid and responsible cosmetics, hand-made in Mornant, since 2020.

Solid deodorant for sensitive skins, €9

La boisson solide

This is no April Fools’ hoax (see p. 26), there really is a solid drink. This is a little revolution brought to you by LXIR. Aloys Piganeau and Guillaume Schegg, the brand’s founders, met while studying at Emlyon Business School and soon came up with the idea for a solid cocktail. Simply pop the fruity tablet into a glass of water, add an ice cube and taste, with or without alcohol.

Bag of 12 LXIR Life tablets, €10.50

Vive les blaireaux !

Forget about shaving foam sprays for moustache and beard care. Here is the shaving soap by Ça va barber! With the help of a soap-making friend, Geoffrey Bourguignon developed his own range of organic cosmetics in Lyon’s Croix-Rousse district, including this traditional shaving soap.

Shaving soap, €9,90

Protection solide

 If there’s one cosmetic product that you should always carry with you, it’s sun cream! With its mineral formula, the sunscreen by Comme Avant is effective, easy to apply and compact. Good news: this Marseille-based brand has just opened its first outlet in Lyon, just a stone’s throw from Place Bellecour.

SPF50 mineral solid sunscreen, €32.90


Cosmétiques upcyclés

Each year in France, the food industry discards 12 million tons of by-products: dry materials produced during manufacturing of the main product. Young brands are starting to take notice, like the Lyon-based Ensème, which upcycles these plant materials into responsible and effective cosmetics. We love their range of upcycled solid shampoos and conditioners.

Solid shampoo, €12.90

Le 5 en 1

It may be small (weighing in at only 60 grams), but Néo can last for up to four weeks (according to usage) for your hikes and van adventures. It can be used to wash your hair, your body, your teeth, your dishes and your clothes! It’s also local, made in Givors.

Multi-use solid Néo, €9.90