Shopping In the smartphone

In the smartphone of Chantal La Nuit

Portrait de Chantal La Nuit
Published on 25/07/2023

A teacher of applied art at a vocational school by day, the unassuming Mickael Tramoy becomes Chantal La Nuit at night: a flamboyant disco-drag queen. She has been a diva of underground nights in Lyon for the past decade and is the mastermind behind the LGBTQI+ nights known as ‘Garçons Sauvages’ held at Le Sucre. They have been so popular that they are now also held at Le Rex Club in Paris.


“We have a date on the 29th of January at Le Rex Club in Paris, with a totally mad live show – ‘Mainline Magic Orchestra’ – a kind of musical performance with musicians dressed in bizarre costumes... In Lyon, the next scheduled night is on the 25th of February with ‘Garçon Sauvage: Blonde Edition’.” 


The usual suspects, like Facebook and Instagram, can be found on Chantal’s smartphone, but that’s not all: “I use professional apps for my work as an art teacher, like Dropbox, for example.” 


This is a very important part of Chantal’s life, as she is also a DJ and is always looking for new gems. “My favourite track right now, which I listen to on repeat, is Abba’s Lay All Your Love On Me! I know, it’s not exactly new, but I want to play it in one of my sets!”

Social networks

“I mainly use Facebook for my persona. I like the interchange and freedom to talk about projects run by our collective Plus Belle La Nuit... There’s a more social and friendly aspect than the other networks. On Instagram, I follow Alexis Stone, for his total transformation art: he managed to pass himself off as Jocelyne Wildenstein at the Fashion Week! IN-CRE-DIBLE!”

Most liked photo

“It’s a Facebook profile photo. It was at the Badaboum in Paris, for our first Parisian Garçon Sauvage night. I jumped off the stage, people carried me and I ended up on the floor, my wig all wonky and my tights in a mess!”

Last text

A very cryptic message: “Too hot for the naked brass band in the spring in Paris!” It’s about a highly confidential upcoming event. Chantal is in stitches but will reveal nothing to us... yet!