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Oullins-Pierre-Bénite, two in one

Parc Chabrières à Oullins-Pierre-Bénite © Dominik Fusina
Published on 15/02/2024

Since the 1st of January, Oullins and Pierre-Bénite, to the south-west of Lyon, have formed a single town: Oullins-Pierre-Bénite. This is a not-insignificant administrative merger of places that are well worth exploring.

By Vanina Denizot

1. Local knowledge

Oullins and Pierre-Bénite have had a long-standing romance. In fact, until 1869, when Pierre-Bénite declared its independence, the two towns were but one. So their recent merger is actually a reunion. On the 1st of January 2024, Oullins-Pierre-Bénite (aka ‘OPB’) became the first new town created in the Lyon metropolitan area and the eighth largest town in terms of population (with 37,500 inhabitants). 

2. Fresh air

Parc Chabrières à Oullins-Pierre-Bénite © Dominik Fusina

For more fresh outdoor air, visit Chabrières, the region’s only iris garden, which hosts the Fête de l’Iris each spring. Another outdoor option is the nature park of Sanzy, a great place for an outing with its wooded areas, children’s play facilities and picnic tables. 

Chabrières Park
44 Grande Rue
Nature Park of Sanzy
Chemin de Sanzy

3. Walks

To soak up some of the town’s energy, take a walk between the stalls of its busy market on Place de la Paix. Offering an altogether different experience, the Jardin sans fin (never-ending garden) is a 2½-hour walking path dedicated to pedestrians. It links up the town’s four main parks.
To find your way around, download the free app ‘Oullins Jardin sans fin’.

4. Sports

We’re looking forward to the opening of the water sports centre, which is one of the major projects announced for the new town. In the meantime, you can enjoy a jog in the idyllic surroundings of the nature park of Yzeron, where you’ll discover its large meadow lined with hundred-year-old trees. 

Nature Park of Yzeron
Boulevard Emile-Zola,

5. Shopping

Le concept store Monsieur Basil à Oullins-Pierre-Bénite © Monsieur Basil

For a spot of window shopping, make your way to Grande Rue. Our favourite addresses include the concept-store Monsieur Basil, with its superb selection of French-made fashion, interior décor, groceries, children's items and more. There is also the bookshop Spirale, where you can pick up a signed copy of the book Le bon goût de la flemme, a compilation of 60 mouth-watering vegetarian recipes created by “culinary stylist” and author Mégane Arderighi, who has moved to OPB with her little family. 

Monsieur Basil
153 Grande Rue
Librairie Spirale (bookshop)
162 Grande Rue

6. Getting around

The other major piece of news in this area is the arrival of the metro. It took five years of works to extend line B and open the station Oullins-centre beneath Place Anatole France, approximately 25 metres below street level. This pedestrianised and greened square is the perfect starting point to set off and explore the new town. 

7. Food

Le bar du café Charmant à Oullins-Pierre-Bénite © Café Charmant

Here are our three favourite addresses to get a taste of the town. First up, Les Petites Cantines, a welcoming neighbourhood restaurant with a pay-what-you-can policy, where people come together to share the pleasure of cooking and eating. Then there is La Super Halle, an organic grocery store and eatery that focusses on local, seasonal food. For an afternoon snack, try Café Charmant, where you’ll find tempting options like café gourmand (coffee served with a selection of bite-sized desserts) and waffles with chestnut cream. 

Les Petites Cantines
10 rue Fleury
La Super Halle
105 avenue Jean-Jaurès
Café Charmant
1 rue Louis-Aulagne

8. Visiting

Le Chaâteau du Petit-Perron à Oullins-Pierre-Bénite © DR

We love the Château du Petit Perron, a Renaissance gem nestled at the foot of the Château du Grand Perron with its accommodation. The Tuscan-style Petit Perron is formed of three buildings arranged in a U-formation around a courtyard, as well as a pavilion, a chapel and a lovely garden. Now listed as a historical monument, the château can be visited on request. 

Château du Petit-Perron
89 rue Voltaire
[email protected]

9. Culture

The Théâtre de la Renaissance offers musical shows for families, classical music concerts and ballets. From the 29th of April to the 3rd of May, students from the Artist Diploma school will be invited onto the stage to present their first creations, dedicated to the music of tomorrow. Last, but certainly not least, there is the former SNCF train maintenance facility.
On the border between Oullins-Pierre-Bénite and La Mulatière, this converted facility, renamed ‘Grandes Locos’, now serves as a venue for cultural events like Nuits Sonores, the Contemporary Art Biennale and Lyon Street Food Festival. 

Théâtre de la Renaissance
7 rue Orsel
Les Grandes Locos
12 rue Gabriel-Péri, La Mulatière

10. Nightlife

For a night out, make your way to La Maison du Peuple, a hybrid place that includes a performance venue, a cinema, a dance hall and a “cultural café”. You’ll find a rich, varied and constantly updated cultural offering here, and there is even a plastic arts workshop-space.

La Maison du Peuple 
4 place Jean-Jaurès