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Meet the farlers and pick your own

La Ferme des 3 oies
By Florence
Published on 09/12/2022

Just because you don’t have an allotment, it doesn’t mean you can’t pick your own fruit and vegetables!

To your wheelbarrows!

From father to son

Henri and Olivier, father and son, have been organic market gardeners since 2008. Beans, courgettes, strawberries and much more are available to pick or buy from their farm shop in Fleurieux-sur-l’Arbresle. Keen to share their knowledge, they also organise educational tours of their farm 

Open-air market stall

With your wheelbarrow and basket in hand, pick a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and even flowers. Red fruits for the kids and vegetables for the grown-ups, or is it the other way round?
You can check the handy online harvest calendar before you leave, to see what the day’s offering will be.

For your summer recipes

New potatoes, melons, courgettes and tomatoes are some of the things you will find starting in July at Les Jardins de Chaponnay. Plus point: everything is organic! You’ll find all you need to fill your picnic hampers...

Les Jardins de Chaponnay
in Chaponnay 
Facebook : jardinschaponnay
Les Cueillettes Chapeau de Paille

Apples and more

Guillaume’s farm is mainly focussed on apples, but that’s not all you will find. This market garden located in Bessenay for two generations also offers an excellent range of fruit (including strawberries, peaches and prunes) and seasonal vegetables (including tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes and peas), as well as 100% natural home-made apple juice.

La ferme de Guillaume
in Bessenay

Return to earth

Fancy getting your hands dirty? At the association Côté Jardins, you can become a member and do gardening on seven Sundays a year in return for a weekly basket of fruit and vegetables, grown collectively on a one-hectare plot using organic methods.


Côté Jardins : le potager écologique, collectif et éducatif de l'agglomération lyonnaise

Guided tour

Angle chemin Antoine Pardon et rue Finat Duclos - 69160 Tassin-la-Demi-Lune
06 79 89 26 19
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Calling all animal lovers!

Bib’ et compagnie

If you come as a family (ages 10 and up), depending on the time of year, you can see the sheep being sheared, help bottle-feed the lambs and/or taste the farm’s produce. What’s more you can even hold birthday parties here!

Dairy story

Here, you can meet all the farm’s animals, and the lovely dairy cows in particular, to learn how dairy products are produced, from the birth of the calves to the butter on your table.

La ferme d’Antoine Facebook page

From grazing to milking

At Emmanuel’s farm, you can take a two-hour guided tour like no other. After bringing the cows back from the fields, you will feed them the fodder you will have prepared beforehand.
As a reward for your efforts, the tour ends with an afternoon snack including organic milk, also milked by you.