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Get upcycling this autumn!

By Marine
Published on 24/10/2022

How to freshen things up without breaking the bank? Follow our guide!

Sewing and mending

What if you repaired your t-shirts instead of throwing them away? How to do it? Ask Jennyfer, who will be more than happy to share her brilliant sewing techniques that will give a second life to your clothes. Patch or pattern: the choice is yours! 
Workshops begin in October. Visit nouveauxdesigns.fr and/or Instagram @jen_brode

Broder pour réparer avec l'Atelier des Nouveaux Designs © Jen Brode

Leather recycling

Le Pigeon Coq, a DIY leather craft workshop located at Le Village des Créateurs offers a chance to learn how to make bags and accessories using 100% recycled leather, sourced from big-name French fashion houses. A great idea to make a gift or something for yourself! 

Pimp your trainers

Remember doodling on your shoes in the wild days of your youth? Not only is this kind of behaviour allowed, it is strongly encouraged at Art de la Pompe, which runs personalisation workshops (drawing or painting) designed for kids… and adults! You can even take it a step further and try the trainer reconstruction workshop with Lyon Sneakers Lab.

Atelier avec l'Art de la Pompe © L'Art de la Pompe