Out and about My weekend à la Lyonnaise

An autumn in Lyon

Mama Shleter - le restaurant
Published on 30/11/2022

A singular exploration of the cityscape of Lyon's largest district, the 7th.


A dip in the Tony Bertrand swimming pool
Begin your day with an invigorat-ing swim in this pool by the Rhône. Not in the river, of course, but in the 50 -metre Olympic pool. With your swimming costume on and your towel under your arm, you will be ready to enjoy the water heated to 27°C, as well as a mag-nificent view of Fourvière Basilica. Built in preparation for Lyon’s bid for the Summer Games of 1968, there is also Vélo’v bicycle rental station conveniently located right next to the entrance. Choose your steed to continue.

Centre nautique Tony Bertrand © Pierre Coquet
Centre nautique Tony Bertrand
8 quai Claude Bernard,
Lyon 7
Open from midday to 8 pm on Monday, and from 10:30 am to 3 pm then  3:30 to 8 pm the rest of the week.
Reservations at piscines-patinoires.lyon.fr


Drying Program at Chez Machine
Drop your bicycle off at the station Saint-Louis and go to Rue Claude-Boyer to enter Chez Machine. This very orig-inal establishment is a coffee shop-cum-launderette. It is the ideal place to come to wash your swimming costume and then replenish your energy with a choice of coffee, tea, pastries and more. The atmosphere is welcoming and laid-back. 

Chez Machine © DR
Chez Machine
33 rue Claude Boyer
Lyon 7
Open every day  from 10 am to 7 pm 9 am to 1 pm on Sunday.


A visit to the Cultural Institute of Judaïsm
At this recently opened place of learning, created to fight against anti-Semitism and prej-udice, you can explore a fasci-nating connected visitor trail. Dotted with beautiful objects, it presents the history of Judaism, Jewish traditions and Jewish fes-tivals, with the aim of promot-ing openness, knowledge and tolerance. You can even try an immersive experience of a shab-bat in virtual reality!

Réalité virtuelle à l'Institut Culturel du Judaïsme © Claude Dortmann
Institut culturel du Judaïsme
317 rue Duguesclin
Lyon 7
Open from 10 am to 5 pm,  Sunday to Thursday.

1 PM

A hotel lunch
Next, head to Mama Shelter, by bicycle or on foot (10 minute walk), for an original and deli-cious lunch break. With rubber rings on the ceiling, imagina-tive prints, colourful cocktails and a giant table football table, the fun interior creates a happy holiday mood. The food is local, comforting and very fresh, with a little touch of the Mediterranean (including hum-mus, baked macaroni, pulled pork and chocolate brownies topped with whipped cream). Now you’ve replenished your energy reserves, head to the tramway station and take line T2 to Jet d’Eau. Walk to the stop for line T4 and take the tram to États-Unis –  Tony  Garnier.

Le rooftop du Mama Shelter © DR
Mama Shelter
13 rue Domer,
Lyon 7

3 PM

In the foodsteps of Tony Garnier
Here you are in the États-Unis neighbourhood. As you may have guessed, that means ‘United States'. This neighbour-hood, listed as ‘Twentieth-Cen-tury Heritage’, is definitely part of Lyon, however, and is the ideal place to (re)discover the Tony Garnier Urban Museum. The city is dotted with works by this ingenious architect. With children, you can track them down with the help of Ludilyon, as you discover a mysterious chest. What are the secrets around this treasure? Maybe the answer can be found in the neighbourhood’s painted walls...

LudiLyon sur les traces de Tony Garnier © Ludilyon
Musée Urbain Tony Garnier
4 Rue des Serpollières,
Lyon 8

6 PM

More street art
If you’re still curious and your legs haven’t given up on you, you can continue to explore the street art on the walls around the Fagor factories (65 Rue Chal-lemel-Lacour), as well as 19-25 Rue Georges-Gouy, where you will find a fresco paying tribute to Diego Rivera, and then Halle Tony Garnier. Next, walk down Rue Colonel-Girard, where some beautiful examplesstreet artawait you, before reaching your destination: La Commune. This hybrid space, including a food court, a bar and a concert venue where there’s always something happening, as well as DJ sets, DIY workshops and a new gourmet stall, is an ideal place to end the day on a high.

La Commune © DR
La Commune
3 rue Pré-Gaudry,
Lyon 7