Out and about My weekend à la Lyonnaise

A winter in Lyon 5th

Published on 02/03/2023

Revisited heritage, amusing stories and great places to eat in Vieux-Lyon... See the city’s oldest district with fresh eyes.

10 am

Brunch at Gadagne

The Capital of the Gauls gets a tad chilly in the winter, so you need a good hearty breakfast before you brave the cold air outdoors. Tucked away in the maze of cobbled streets of Vieux-Lyon (Old Lyon), in the Musée Gadagne, the museum coffee shop is a good place to start the day.

On the menu you will find a range of seasonal produce, homemade pastries and an all-you-caneat brunch (including charcuterie, eggs, cheese, waffles, fruit and Danish pastries) that never fails to please.

To walk off breakfast, take a stroll down Rue Saint-Jean via the Musée Miniature et Cinéma until you reach Place Saint-Jean. 

Café Gadagne
1 place du Petit-Collège, Lyon 5ème
Brunch is served on weekends only, from 11 am to 3 pm. €29 per adult and €15 per child. 

1 pm

The art of weaving 

Would you like to step into the shoes of a Lyonnais silk weaver? No problem! Just a few minutes from Place Saint-Jean, Soierie Saint-Georges offers a chance to discover the secrets of the fabric that Lyon has had a love affair with since the sixteenth century, when Francis I appointed Lyon as the only general warehouse for silk in France.
Through a roughly halfhour guided tour, allow yourself to soak up the history and learn about silk and gold thread weaving techniques.

Next, take the funicular railway to continue on your journey. Considered to be the world’s very first precursor of the metro, ‘la ficelle’, as the funicular is known in Lyon, will hoist you up to the top of Fourvière Hill.

By appointment.

2 pm

Lugdunum Papers 

Begin by taking in the view and then head to Lugdunum – Museum and Roman Theaters, which will be hosting the exhibition EnQuête de Pouvoir, de Rome à Lugdunum until the 27th of February. It takes visitors on a journey into the political intrigues of the Roman Empire.
Perched on top of Fourvière Hill, the site stands on the foundations of the city of Lugdunum in 43 BCE. Outside, you can try to solve the puzzles of the escape game.

Take the stairs down from Fourvière Basilica to the Jardin du Rosaire and then continue down to Montée des Chazeaux. 

Portrait d'Auguste © Musée du Louvre, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Daniel  Lebée / Carine  Déambrosis
Duration : 30 min.
Museum admission: €4.

4 pm

Snack break

A food court like no other, located in one of the most beautiful buildings of Lyon’s old town, the Tour Rose, Food Traboule comprises twelve savoury and, more importantly, sweet food areas. Do you catch our drift? That’s right, it’s time to refill your energy reserves with some chocolate and hazelnut cookies, apple tart or the baba à la chartreuse (Translator’s Note: a different take on the rum baba) at La Baraque à Sucre.

When you leave, take a stroll down Rue du Bœuf, the street with the most Michelin stars in France, with its three gastronomic restaurants: La Cour des Loges, Jérémy Galvan and Au 14 Février. 

Saturday to Sunday, 11:45 am to 11 pm.


Café comique 

To end the day with joy and laughter, make your way to Le BouiBoui, a five-minute walk away. A café-théâtre with hilarious shows, it has seen the cream of Lyon’s comedians launch their careers. Good times guaranteed.

When you leave, take a little detour to Impasse Turquet, where you will find Lyon’s oldest houses, with their magnificent wooden balconies. They are thought to date back to the fourteenth century! 

Opening times and services may vary from show to show.


Evening tapas 

A final stop before hitting the sack? How about La Cuisinerie? This establishment, which specialises in French-style tapas in the evenings, offers wine by the glass, delicious platters and a great atmosphere.

On the menu you will find tempting propositions such as cauliflower fritters and mayonnaise with lime, or a trilogy of beef tartare, pulled shoulder of veal with sage and salmon gravlax with citrus fruit. This is an ideal place to experience conviviality à la Lyonnaise! 

Noon to 2 pm and 7 to 10:30 pm.