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A day with an acrobat

Cirque Imagine - la salle  © Marion Triverio Photographe
Published on 03/12/2021

What is a day in the life of an artist at cirque imagine like? To find out, we went backstage with Katia, one of the show’s star performers.

The life of a circus artist is not unlike that of a high-level athlete. To stay in peak physical condition, Katia practises her art for at least two to three hours every day. This beautiful acrobat from Cirque Imagine, in Vaulx-en-Velin, exercises strength and grace as she gives us a demonstration during rehearsals for her aerial silks performance. A multi-talented artist, she also performs an aerial hoop show and a roller skating act on a platform, in a duo with her husband Andrei. A few hours later, because it’s Wednesday (a day off school for children in France), the big top is invaded by hordes of mini-acrobats who Katia patiently teaches. “I also share my passion with adults through workshops. Giving lessons to such a varied audience constantly challenges me as a teacher. It’s very rewarding,” the spirited thirty-something tells us.

Katia, acrobate au Cirque Imagine © Marion Triverio Photographe

Into the ring! 

Originally from Belorussia, Katia began to work at the age of 16 for a circus in Moscow. She was hired by Cirque Imagine on a two-year contract and enjoys the “calm and comfort” of life in Lyon: “I have a four-year-old boy and it’s very nice to not be constantly on tour.” The circus ring in Vaulx-en-Velin is open all year round, which is rare for a circus, and the troupe only travels occasionally. This evening is one of those occasions. Katia will be performing in Vienne and must dash off to get made up. She puts on her costume, which is sparkling and a  touch  daring:  “With  Cirque  Imagine,  I’m free to express myself as an artist in  my  own  right;  it’s  slightly  sexy,  but  the shows are still suitable for children. It’s also a real chance to have a layout that  allows  us  to  be  so  close  to  the  audience.

Created by Anastasia and David Massot, Cirque Imagine has been in Vaulx-en-Velin for ten years. The circus has three big tops, where dinner-shows are held. It can also be hired as a venue for private evening events, and runs a circus school, courses and workshops.
From 18 to 31 December, there will be a Christmas show for children and adults.