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A day in Pérouges

Marilou Périno
Published on 19/01/2023

In the heart of the village

Show off on Instagram with your snaps of the beautiful façades of the houses, covered in red ivy.

The secret of Pérouges

The recipe for the legendary galette au sucre (sugar flat cake) has been stolen. Find the ingredients and save the secret!  This treasure hunt for families, including mini-games and puzzles, is suitable for all ages.  perouges-bugey-tourisme.com 


The ‘Sentier de la Croix Ramboz’  is a walking path that can be completed in about two hours.  The highlight? A superb view of the medieval town. 

Le Printemps de Pérouges festival

Due to Covid, this spring event held  on the plain of Ain has been pushed  back to autumn, from 9 to 19 Sep. The line-up includes Les Têtes Raides, Pomme, Fabrice Luchini, Michel Jonasz and Jarry.  festival-perouges.org

Plus point

The village’s artisans are open everyweekend in autumn! Discoverthe work of the stained glass window maker, the ceramicist,the fine bookbinder and the cabinetmaker.