Tacos, à la française

By Léo
Published on 21/02/2024

Hugely popular with young people and a staple of our street food, it is said that the French Taco was born in Lyon, in the 2000s. On to find out more.

A variation on the Mexican taco, the French-style taco is thought to have been first spotted in the vicinity of Vaulx-en-Velin, Vénissieux and Villeurbanne in the 2000s. After establishing itself in the 2010s, it is now the star of Gallic fast food. An inexpensive snack, this unusual wrap was a hit with French youths right from the start. Rap and the emergence of major chains like O’Tacos then encouraged its adoption by kebab restaurants all over France. Much to the chagrin of our friends from Grenoble*, the original 
is from Lyon.

Simple and cheap to make, the basic recipe is a tortilla-style wheat wrap with a bit of meat and any other fillings you want. Fries are a divisive issue: some love their tacos with them and others can’t stand them. All of this is generally covered with a generous dollop of Emmental cheese sauce, which was invented in Lyon, where else?! Depending on the restaurant, you may also find some raw vegetables or a bit of chakchouka, a Maghrebi sauce made with sweet peppers. Once all this is wrapped up, the taco is put in a press grill for a few moments, which gives it the trademark grilled pattern. All that is then left to do is to tuck in. 

*There is an amusing rivalry between Grenoble and Lyon over the creation of the French taco, each city claiming to be the birthplace of the recipe.

Where to eat them?


La Marinade
110 Rue du 4-Août-1789, Villeurbanne


Diwan Tacos
15 Rue Puis-Gaillot, Lyon 1er


36 Rue de Marseille, Lyon 7e