Pure spirits

Published on 21/02/2024

Abstract, a sophisticated cocktail bar and bistro in Lyon, lies an absolutely unique distillery-lab.

Maybe you already know Abstract, a sophisticated cocktail bar and bistro created by mixologist Remy Savage, Parisian chef Guillaume Sanchez and their partner, Nicolas Minisini? But did you know that behind the atmospheric decor designed by architect Christopher Weirback (Osmose Studio), somewhere between an American diner and a painting by Hopper, lies an absolutely unique distillery-lab?

Five “monomaniacal” distillates

Five “monomaniacal” distillates (neutral spirit, a single ingredient and nothing else) are produced in its stills and bottled under the name ‘Monochromes’: lemon, raspberry, strawberry, coffee and... butter! You will find these one-of-a-kind spirits in 500 ml bottles (€45), as well as in the bar’s deliciously eccentric cocktails, which are accompanied by an equally adventurous little menue.

2 rue Duroc, Lyon 1er

By Audrey Grosclaude