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Lipopette, the organic Lyonnaise soy sauce

Julie Masson
By Julie
Published on 03/06/2024

Forget about industrial soy sauce imported from the other side of the world. In Lyon, the Rozand family (Alain and his two sons, Etienne and Adrien), behind the restaurants Lipopette and HAPE, has created its own sauce to go with your sushi and maki. The soy is from Rhône and Charente, the salt from Guérande and the rice from Camargue; for the sweet version, the beetroot used is grown in France. The delicious umami flavour is the fruit of a ten-month natural fermentation process. What’s more, you’ll find many amazing recipes on their website, including an original gin cocktail.

17 rue Hippolyte-Flandrin, Lyon 1
24 rue Cuvier, Lyon 6
€4,50 for the savoury and €4,90 for the sweet sauce 150ml bottle