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Bubble tea(m) !

By Léo
Published on 14/06/2024

Originally from Taiwan, bubble tea is a sweet milk tea with tapioca pearls, which comes in many flavours. It found its way to Lyon through the magic of social networks. François Fatticci on Place Sathonay likes to make it the authentic way. The smiley “Franco” directly sources his raw ingredients, all made in France, and there is no added sugar. The tea is blended in Roanne and the syrups are imported from Savoy. As for the tapioca pearls, they are lovingly prepared in Montpellier. Instead of choosing from a menu, customers create their own bubble tea by picking from the 14 different types of pearls, 16 artisanal syrups and 3 tea blends… on tap. Yes, you read it right: the tea is put into kegs by Orbital, near Saint-Étienne, and comes out of a tap!

38 Rue Sergent-Blandan, Lyon 1
From €5,50 for 33cl.