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Virginie Grossat, plussizefashion influencer

Published on 12/03/2024

With 79,000 followers on Instagram and 525,000 on TikTok, 36-year-old Virginie Grossat is one of Lyon’s top-ten most powerful influencers. Comfortable with her size-26 figure, she promotes sexy body positivism by breaking down fashion norms. Enjoy!


“My birthday is in March and I’m planning an amazing fashion shoot to celebrate it, in Confluence, one of my favourite districts of Lyon! I’m hoping to cross the 600,000-follower barrier on TikTok… After that, I’ll be going to Paris Fashion Week where I’m collaborating with 
several brands!”


“When I was a fashion student, I loved having lunch in the garden at the Textile Arts Museum. I’m also really love the exhibitions at the 
Contemporary Art Museum. My favourite spot in Lyon? The rooftop bar Les Muses de l’Opéra, where the view is amazing!”

Fond d’écran

“It’s a patchwork that I made using really kawaii drawings, very Japanese, with loads of adorable and tasty things! Chocolate, cupcakes, pink everywhere… There’s no way I’m having a picture of a dog or my little niece [laughs!].”


“My favourite apps include, in no particular order, Sephora, Asos, Boho, Pretty Little Thing… They’re my basics. I regularly work with these brands on photo shoots and videos as an ambassador. Sometimes it’s difficult finding nice, sexy brands for people with a full figure like me!”

Réseaux sociaux

“Put simply, these are my work tools! I quit my career in e-commerce two years ago to fully devote myself to content creation. Through my Instagram and TikTok networks, I look at the themes of plus-size fashion, food, beauty and body positivity.”

Photo la plus likée

“It’s a photo of me in Dubai, in the pool of a beach club. It got more than 845,000 likes, which is absolutely crazy! I fell in love with Dubai, with its architecture, its people, its cars…”

Virginie Grossat on Instagram @virginiegrossat and TikTok @virginiegrossat

By Yvo Deprelle