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Spectacular! : entertainment for the Romans

Vase à médaillon d'applique, aurige vainqueur, Collection de Lugdunum, musée et théâtres romains, num.inv. : 2000.0.28020 ©photo : M Jallais/Lugdunum
By Marie
Published on 27/10/2022

Leisure in Ancient Rome

With theatres, amphitheatres, circuses and more, the people of Lyon were spoilt for choice in Gallo-Roman times!

With this autumn’s exhibition Spectaculaire, le divertissement chez les Romains (Spectacular: entertainment for the Romans), the Lugdunum Museum will be exploring the various ways Romans had fun. It is an opportunity to learn more about their civilization through the various events they held (ranging from gladiator fights to plays, chariot races and mime shows), including the various political and social dimensions.

Accompanying the opening of this amazing exhibition, don’t miss the second edition of Festival Romain, featuring a life-size recreation of Ancient games, involving more than one hundred actors.

A fascinating journey into the past.