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Nous, les fleuves (We, the rivers)

Assèchement d’un affluent de la Luangwa pendant la saison sèche Photographie de Frans Lanting Zambie, vallée de la Luangwa © Frans Lanting
By Marie
Published on 27/10/2022

By the water’s edge

Nestled between the rivers Rhône and Saône, what better place to explore the topic of rivers than the Musée des Confluences?

Because they shape landscapes and fertilize soils, rivers have always been the cradles of major civilizations. 

From the 21st of October to the 27th of August 2023, the Musée des Confluences’ exhibition ‘Nous, les fleuves’ (We, the rivers) explores river courses from their sometimes mysterious sources to their estuaries and deltas, including their confluences (of course!) and their beds.

This journey combines various disciplines, including the natural sciences, ethnology, art history, geopolitics and ecology.