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Flore DJ and electronic music producer

Flore, DJ et productrice de musique électro
Published on 16/02/2023

Iconic resident at Le Sucre, star DJ on the French bass scene, producer and head of the independent label Polaar, this Lyon-based artist was part of the first Nuits Sonores festival all the way back in 2003... Twenty years have gone by and she is still on the bill, sharing a night with the Franco-Tunisian label Shouka.


“I will be at the Nuits Sonores for a carte blanche performance on Saturday the 20th of May. I have a long relationship with the festival as I played for the inauguration in 2003. On the 4th of May, I’ll also be releasing a new record with my label POLAAR: Legacy & Broken Pieces.”

Flore, DJ et productrice de musique électro

Social networks

“I’m not glued to my smartphone; I’ve turned off all the notifications. But I do use social networks, especially when I’m travelling. I still haven’t decided if I like Instagram or Facebook best. I started using TikTok recently, but I’m just exploring it for the moment.”

Last text message

“A little message for a friend who’s celebrating her birthday. Her boyfriend planned a surprise weekend for her, and I just found out they’re going to Florence!”

Flore, DJ et productrice de musique électro, aux Nuits Sonores


“I compose music that’s a bit wild, but I love listening to things that are much calmer, like Under the sun, by Mark Pritchard. I of course use apps like Shazam (the last track I Shazamed was Keel by Bnjmn), or Bandcamp, which I use to put out and buy music.”

Most liked photo

“The latest episode from my series Sisterhood Collection with Yaeji. There are many more women DJ’ing now, but still very few female producers in electronic music. With this series of videos and playlists, I want to promote music composed by women.”
On YouTube : @UnderscopeTV

Le nouvel épisode de la série Sisterhood Collection avec Yaeji

Background image

“I’m following a photographer on Instagram called Nick Knight. He posted an amazing series of photos of roses from his garden that he edits digitally. This is what I’m using as my background image.”

By Paulina Jonquères d’Oriola