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Festival Brut de Fabrique au Théâtre de l'Iris à Villeurbanne
Published on 06/03/2023

Located in Villeurbanne, Théâtre de l’Iris is at once a space for performances and creation, a school and a company. Since 2001, it has organised its festival Brut de Fabrique each spring.

Now the culminating event of the season, the gathering welcomes both local residents, who are invited to come on stage for the first time, and professionals, to discuss artistic matters in a friendly atmosphere.

“Usually, theatre speaks to us about the world. With Brut de Fabrique, it is the world that talks to us about theatre,” revealed Philippe Clément, the theatre’s director.

Accessible to people from all walks of life, thanks to a socially engaged ‘pay what you can’ pricing policy (you can choose the price of your ticket from €3 to €12), Brut de Fabrique combines the experience with a participative, affordable meal, punctuated with theatrical and musical interludes. 

22 to 28 may 2023.